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The Visiting Students Group met for the first time on 23rd August to discuss how to enable students from across Europe to visit Michael House School. We aim to create a visiting student programme which promotes the development of language skills and greater cultural understanding, whilst also raising funds for the school. In the past students have participated in both exchanges and visits for varying lengths of time from a couple of weeks to an entire year with great benefits both for the visiting student and the host family. New friends are made, new cultures explored and shared and new opportunities arise. So, whether you enjoy travelling yourself, speak a different language or are just curious we would like to invite you to support this new group as it prepares to welcome visiting students to MHS this year. Whether you think you could host a student (accommodation costs will be paid by the visitor), offer a weekend trip when they are visiting (again costs would be covered) or could advise, organise PR for the VS group, answer emails, inform prospective visiting students or just take the minutes at the half termly meetings, please get in touch with us through Reception.

Our next meeting is an open meeting and will be held on Wednesday 26th September at 3pm in the school library.

Hester Machin (Teacher & Parent) & Gillian Parrish (Parent)

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