Parent Information and Liaison Team

We would like to introduce ourselves. Just before the summer holiday we formed a new support team comprising Cheryl Winter (Class 8 Teacher and SMT Member), Sian Parish (Class 2 and 3/4 Parent) and Zoë Ruwette (Class 2 and Kindergarten Parent).Our aim is to improve communication, and to provide everyone within the school community with all the information they need to keep everything running smoothly. To do that, we will be working closely with all the class reps and the Publicity Team and regularly publicise things in the newsletter. There is a suggestion/comment box at Main School Reception for any comments or suggestions you might have. The box will be emptied every week and the SMT will process them. We also have our own In Tray at Reception if you need to contact us directly.

Hopefully our efforts will result in a strong community where everyone will work together to keep our beautiful school going for years to come.

Zoë Ruwette (Parent)

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