A Big Belated Class 8 Cabaret Thank You!

Thanks so much to all those wonderful parents, teachers and children who gave their time in order to make Class 8’s fantastic cabaret evening happen. It was an amazing show and we really were treated to some very ‘special’ acts. With The Spice Girls, aka ‘Steiner Girls’ spicing up the evening with their fab lyrics (for those of you who didn’t hear how funny they were at the back, I believe they are available from Sporty, Posh or Ginger Spice); Mrs Bryant hitting people with her Eurythmy Stick in the Eurythmics (it’s going to take a while before any of us can look at Mrs Bryant in quite the same way, she obviously has a huge sense of humour!!!) And who was that slightly provocative drag act (gorgeous legs by the way, mentioning no names -RALPH) And many, many more incredible acts, not to mention all of the hard work from the production team, lights, sound, backstage etc, etc…. it really was a lot of fun and couldn’t have happened without you all coming forward, so thank you, thank you, thank you. The great news is that we raised £500 towards Class 8’s trip. Wow. Well done everyone. Keep your eyes peeled for Class 8’s next big fundraiser, a once a month Cinema night for all the family coming soon……..
Sam Elton (Class 8 Parent)
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